Kiss My Ass: Your Boss is Not Your Friend


All too often I have seen my coworkers, regardless of what job it was, cozy up to the manager or direct supervisor to gain some sort of favor. For some it’s blatant. But for most, I don’t think they even realize what they’re doing.

The blatant ones are “ass kissers” “suck ups” or “brown nosers” and will say almost anything to get what they want, whether it may be a better schedule, a better job function or position. Whatever it may be, these “ass kissers” will butter up their managers with gifts, invitations, or even worse… sell out their fellow coworkers by feeding information to their bosses. This can never be tolerated and these people need to be called out every time!

It’s the other type that can be more dangerous. The men and women who don’t even know they’re pandering to their bosses. The ones who become friendly, maybe go play golf or have a few drinks because they believe “my boss is ok.”

HeyPalGimme a fucking break!! Your boss is not ok!!

These employees may receive small favors of which they’re unaware, only to have them held over their head when the boss deems necessary. Most will react by trying to do better next time … and so it goes!! They still think the boss is ok, but now they’re being manipulated into doing a better job!! And in the process of doing better, because the boss is a “friend,” they in turn, are selling out their coworkers, even more than the most blatant “brown noser.”

As working men and women, if we’re ever to emancipate ourselves from the exploitation of the capitalist system, we must be keenly aware that our supervisors, managers etc are really our enemies. We can be cordial and even helpful on the job, but we cannot forget that there needs to be a clear line between the working people and management. Otherwise we get caught in the same vicious cycle that has been plaguing us for decades.

As working people, we need to stick together and unite to look out for our own interests. Siding with the company will never get us there. Never forget, your boss is not your friend!

By Chris, truck driver, South Florida, originally published July 2016
Illustrated by Stephanie McMillan

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