About Us

Welcome to our website! Workers Power is dedicated to helping build a massive global movement of workers to emancipate ourselves from capitalist domination!

Workers produce all the goods and provide all the services for society, while a tiny minority capitalist class profits from our labor. If we stop submitting to this exploitation, and stand up together, we have the power to set the terms: to meet the needs of ourselves, humanity, and the planet!

Our principles:

1) Class Organization:

We strive for collective working class power, for the benefit of all! We must organize – individually we can do nothing, but together we can win better terms, and ultimately class emancipation. We each have a voice to be heard, a role to play, and a responsibility to participate.

2) Class Unity:

We stand with all workers – union and non-union, across workplaces, trades, and borders! The enemy’s ideologies of racism, sexism, nationalism, and other forms of relative privilege/oppression, and competition for jobs, are designed to divide us. Our diversity is our strength!

3) Class Autonomy:

We fight our own battles, and answer to no one but ourselves! We won’t fall for fake “alternatives” that don’t serve working class interests. We don’t rely on politicians, nonprofits, NGOs, or union bureaucrats. We encourage solidarity and support from other classes also dominated by capitalism, but never become their followers. The working class is the only class with the capacity to stop capitalist production (by withholding our labor power), and to offer a genuine alternative.

4) Class Antagonism:

Our enemy is capitalism as a way of life, its dominant class (capitalists), its representatives, and its enforcers. We resist workplace exploitation and abuse, to the best of our evolving capacity. We don’t accept the profit-over-people system of wage slavery. We won’t stop until we destroy capitalism!

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